Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes: Act 2

Pyramid of Mirrors (First Crawl)

Pyramid of Mirrors: Pt 1
2 Floors [BF2-F1-F5]
30 Rooms

  • 10 Signature Rooms (SgR)
  • 9 Burial Rooms (Br)
  • 7 Supply Closets (Sc)
  • 4 Safe Rooms (Sr)

Conclusion: The PCs find a sorcerer (Sandra) in one of the signature traps. Upon finding Vallaris’ resting place they discover a necropolis of unknown size. Several undead rat swarms attempt to infect the previous floors and Clergyman Dellic sacrifices his life to the PCs escape. The mysterious woman is revealed to be a clone created from Emera’s blood that has granted the party safe passage through chamber rooms. They relay this information to the knowing panel of Caelis who pays for the party’s silence (as to not create a panic).



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