Pyramid Schemes

Rock Hound's First Adventure

Act 4

Rock Hound, loves the stronghold’s tower library. He has moved his previous nest (full of books and the like) and settled in very well. his research leaves him unsatisfied however; for all of his newfound ability and intellect, the Agents of Fate do not see him nor will most gods recognize his intelligence. He is not assigned a sentient soul and therefore cannot progress with class levels. There is a legendary fountain that would grant him such an honor but he certainly was not prepared for the lone journey. He offers the PCs any of the material possessions that they will undoubtedly find.

Conclusion: The PCs first sailed by airship to Granville Port; the mainland that is nearest the Sextant Isles. A mystery ensues and after it’s conclusion (and a lot of fun with various resort attractions) the PCs are finally ready to tackle the inhabitable island chain. A bard, Minatsuki, joins the PCs out of boredom but finds even normal adventuring dull and is lost at the second island.



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