Pyramid Schemes


Act 3

The PCs (Brian, Sandra, and Jo(h)n Power) have partied on and off together for the past few years 6. Sandra decides that It’s high time the savages stop using her home as a meeting place and that the group acquires a proper base of operation.

Choices [terrain]:

  1. Boat – An abandoned dingy that may or may not be magical. [Swamp/Ocean]
  2. Cave – A Sunken cave system whose entrances and exits are underwater. [Tundra]
  3. Forest Village – An abandoned treetop village in an unhallowed forest. [Forest]
  4. Hidden Home – You’ve hear about a mysterious, uncharted hideout formerly used by a mage that lies on a barren plain with a cliff that overlooks the ocean. [Plains/Mountains]
  5. Loft – An actual condo in a prestigious, flourishing Thriae colony. [Urban]

Conclusion: The PCs fail to completely empty the Hidden Home completely, pick up four new allies along the way (Kerra, Alex, Allie, and a 16 year old acolyte), and one follower…The treetop village is much easier to secure leaving the party with an Aurumvorax baby and a dragon egg. This is where John’s ranger steps in; an old colleague of his rogue.



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