Pyramid Schemes

A Series of Really Cool Events: Legacy Pursuits 1
BA:LP1 [New Campaign!]

A Pathfinder Modern Campaign setting
LVL 1 (so that a healthy fear of zombies is established)
Class restrictions – No magic! Alchemical and masterwork quality rules still apply but see DM if you have unlimited access to spells/abilities such as “create water”. but i love the druid so….
World features:

  • Magic items are available but a remnants of old magic. They cost 50% more than normal (no more than this but we’ll just say this for now100% more expensive…on second thought they may be ).
  • “A ring of sustenance” is worth several times it’s normal value. It may or may not exist at all but we’ll say that at the very least it’s almost unheard of at this point in the timeline.
  • The rogue’s magical trap disarm is still functions. You can expect magical traps and locks as normal, though reference to this magical quality may be referred to as “superior/advanced quality” to give it more of an alchemical explanation.

The idea: Players are in a modern zombie wasteland setting. They are extraordinary zombie hunters; capable of daring and ingenuity in a world almost completely overwhelmed with decay. The PCs are mostly motivated by cool and ridiculous acts of “coolness” and their prizes help them on the rise to becoming movie worthy, zombie slaying idols. This is beyond survival for these people; it’s survival in style!


  • ride a coaster in a theme park all the way through
  • ride a horse through a major city (bonus points if you spare the horse too)
  • cut your way through a hoard with a slashing weapon alone
  • sleep overnight in a mall/airport
  • sleep overnight in a prison
  • Keep a zombie as a pet
  • watch a movie in a theater
  • find and eat a twinkie. Auto level
  • selfie with a hot zombie

Special Zombie qualities (cumulatively acquired/hoard size):

  • with +5 zombies lose the “slow” quality as per the “fast zombie” ability
  • with +10 zombies, they each gain the “grab” special ability
  • with +15 zombies they gain the “latch” special ability on a bite attack as per the weasel ability
    + with +20 zombies, each creature gains the “unliving rage” spell like ability

Special magic items:
duck tape:

  • rope trick (30ft)
  • web (30ft)
  • shield (30ft) can use it as +2 armor that can be worn under armor. destroyed when removed. PC takes an additional -2 to all charisma based checks and ones based on tracking by scent. -3 to weather based effects (instead of the normal -2). Does not stack. 24hr reset by bathing


  • Parking lot (desert terrain)
  • renegade traps and chases

Other special qualities:
Water pool points. Player begin play with 3 pts. Capacity of water stored cannot exceed ap player’s HD+2. Can be used to bathe (2), drink for a day (1). see starvation rules and “duck tape shield”

Pyramid Schemes: Origins
A History

Tuesday at 8:30PM (I’ll get there asap)

The party’s all over the place so let’s do some solo stuff! This is a chance for all the players to flex and use all of their best abilities and a crash course for those who are still gray on some aspects of the pen and paper part (it’s practice). Most of these events occurred sometime before the fall into space; Sandra and Alex are reliving parts of their individual pasts while Jo(h)n Power, Brian, Kat and Kerra’s event are much more recent. Abbi and Riley (if they show) and Greg’s solo quests are present events currently taking place somewhere other than the Yithian territory.

Sandra – Back in your day, before the babies in space, you and your renegade troop the Greylich Territories Freedom Operation (GTFO) terrorized several state agencies. Your specialty was leader of the Diversion Unit; you literally went in and set shit on fire. Relive the destruction. Burn the forest down. Save some bitches.

Alex – Before your brother stabbed you in the back you were one of the hardiest soldiers that he had at his disposal. It was obvious that you would’ve earned your ranking regardless of nobility, especially after the epic “Battle of Reymoor”; an event where you singlehandedly soloed the legendary pirate Captain Sparrow.

Jon- A short mythic quest that little Chappie finds himself called to.

Brian – A small girl has a special request; help her become the best undead ever!

Abbi, Riley – Two plant spawns sent with a very specific mission; help a mysterious pack of strangers return home and follow them to this planet. Your lord finds the potential for information too great and also sends you two with a seed to plant, preferably hidden in the territory of some intelligent plant creature that will protect its garden fiercely.

Kat – You’ve investigated the notes of a deceased colleague, Clergyman Dellic. For the past decade he’d been researching the rise of undead activity in several locations but the matter had been closed since his death. You discovered those circumstances and without the approval of the clergy enter an ancient pyramid to assess and hopefully stymie the alleged necropolis.

Kerra, John’s rogue – Your attempts to find that accursed rogue has taken you to strange and dangerous places. You make some disturbing discoveries.

Greg – You’re procuring some very particular items and works with some nasty characters towards a single-minded goal. Your rogue returns as a special guest star in this glimpse into future events!

Island Time!
But Not In the Good Way

The PCs’ vacation is just about over—back to adventuring! After going on a shopping spree with the 50K the party collectively gained, they continue onward into the Sextant Isles to find the legendary Destiny’s Well, a mysterious fountain draped in heroic epicness (or something like that) with their new party member, an odd and unambitious bard!

What adventures and treasures await the party this time?

Sextant Islands (In order of size and distance from mainalnd)

  1. Manihiki (the main island including Aqualand and Grannyville Hotel & Resorts Attractions, Inc.)
  2. Rakahanga (consists of 4 tribal villages)
  3. Penrhyn (little life)
  4. East Orr (deserted)
  5. Ni’lhau (mostly a treacherous island cave system)

Destination: Bottom of Ni’lhau cave system

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Rock Hound's First Adventure
Act 4

Rock Hound, loves the stronghold’s tower library. He has moved his previous nest (full of books and the like) and settled in very well. his research leaves him unsatisfied however; for all of his newfound ability and intellect, the Agents of Fate do not see him nor will most gods recognize his intelligence. He is not assigned a sentient soul and therefore cannot progress with class levels. There is a legendary fountain that would grant him such an honor but he certainly was not prepared for the lone journey. He offers the PCs any of the material possessions that they will undoubtedly find.

Conclusion: The PCs first sailed by airship to Granville Port; the mainland that is nearest the Sextant Isles. A mystery ensues and after it’s conclusion (and a lot of fun with various resort attractions) the PCs are finally ready to tackle the inhabitable island chain. A bard, Minatsuki, joins the PCs out of boredom but finds even normal adventuring dull and is lost at the second island.

Act 3

The PCs (Brian, Sandra, and Jo(h)n Power) have partied on and off together for the past few years 6. Sandra decides that It’s high time the savages stop using her home as a meeting place and that the group acquires a proper base of operation.

Choices [terrain]:

  1. Boat – An abandoned dingy that may or may not be magical. [Swamp/Ocean]
  2. Cave – A Sunken cave system whose entrances and exits are underwater. [Tundra]
  3. Forest Village – An abandoned treetop village in an unhallowed forest. [Forest]
  4. Hidden Home – You’ve hear about a mysterious, uncharted hideout formerly used by a mage that lies on a barren plain with a cliff that overlooks the ocean. [Plains/Mountains]
  5. Loft – An actual condo in a prestigious, flourishing Thriae colony. [Urban]

Conclusion: The PCs fail to completely empty the Hidden Home completely, pick up four new allies along the way (Kerra, Alex, Allie, and a 16 year old acolyte), and one follower…The treetop village is much easier to secure leaving the party with an Aurumvorax baby and a dragon egg. This is where John’s ranger steps in; an old colleague of his rogue.

Pyramid Schemes: Act 2
Pyramid of Mirrors (First Crawl)

Pyramid of Mirrors: Pt 1
2 Floors [BF2-F1-F5]
30 Rooms

  • 10 Signature Rooms (SgR)
  • 9 Burial Rooms (Br)
  • 7 Supply Closets (Sc)
  • 4 Safe Rooms (Sr)

Conclusion: The PCs find a sorcerer (Sandra) in one of the signature traps. Upon finding Vallaris’ resting place they discover a necropolis of unknown size. Several undead rat swarms attempt to infect the previous floors and Clergyman Dellic sacrifices his life to the PCs escape. The mysterious woman is revealed to be a clone created from Emera’s blood that has granted the party safe passage through chamber rooms. They relay this information to the knowing panel of Caelis who pays for the party’s silence (as to not create a panic).

Pyramid Schemes: Prologue
Our Story Begins

Act 1
The PCs are wandering adventurers. They, through some means (backstory) have impressed the noble Emera Tallaris, ruler of Port Caelis (a human female) that they are trustworthy or otherwise deserve the $3000 reward for sending the late Marc Vallaris, Last of His Line, cousin to Emera, to his final burial place. The Vallaris tombs are five days’ journey north along the coast.

The loyal Clergyman Dellic, a human male cleric and third son of a noble himself, is sent with the PCs along with his mysterious, hooded consort to speak the final rites at the burial site.


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