Pyramid Schemes

Island Time!

But Not In the Good Way

The PCs’ vacation is just about over—back to adventuring! After going on a shopping spree with the 50K the party collectively gained, they continue onward into the Sextant Isles to find the legendary Destiny’s Well, a mysterious fountain draped in heroic epicness (or something like that) with their new party member, an odd and unambitious bard!

What adventures and treasures await the party this time?

Sextant Islands (In order of size and distance from mainalnd)

  1. Manihiki (the main island including Aqualand and Grannyville Hotel & Resorts Attractions, Inc.)
  2. Rakahanga (consists of 4 tribal villages)
  3. Penrhyn (little life)
  4. East Orr (deserted)
  5. Ni’lhau (mostly a treacherous island cave system)

Destination: Bottom of Ni’lhau cave system



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