Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes: Origins

A History

Tuesday at 8:30PM (I’ll get there asap)

The party’s all over the place so let’s do some solo stuff! This is a chance for all the players to flex and use all of their best abilities and a crash course for those who are still gray on some aspects of the pen and paper part (it’s practice). Most of these events occurred sometime before the fall into space; Sandra and Alex are reliving parts of their individual pasts while Jo(h)n Power, Brian, Kat and Kerra’s event are much more recent. Abbi and Riley (if they show) and Greg’s solo quests are present events currently taking place somewhere other than the Yithian territory.

Sandra – Back in your day, before the babies in space, you and your renegade troop the Greylich Territories Freedom Operation (GTFO) terrorized several state agencies. Your specialty was leader of the Diversion Unit; you literally went in and set shit on fire. Relive the destruction. Burn the forest down. Save some bitches.

Alex – Before your brother stabbed you in the back you were one of the hardiest soldiers that he had at his disposal. It was obvious that you would’ve earned your ranking regardless of nobility, especially after the epic “Battle of Reymoor”; an event where you singlehandedly soloed the legendary pirate Captain Sparrow.

Jon- A short mythic quest that little Chappie finds himself called to.

Brian – A small girl has a special request; help her become the best undead ever!

Abbi, Riley – Two plant spawns sent with a very specific mission; help a mysterious pack of strangers return home and follow them to this planet. Your lord finds the potential for information too great and also sends you two with a seed to plant, preferably hidden in the territory of some intelligent plant creature that will protect its garden fiercely.

Kat – You’ve investigated the notes of a deceased colleague, Clergyman Dellic. For the past decade he’d been researching the rise of undead activity in several locations but the matter had been closed since his death. You discovered those circumstances and without the approval of the clergy enter an ancient pyramid to assess and hopefully stymie the alleged necropolis.

Kerra, John’s rogue – Your attempts to find that accursed rogue has taken you to strange and dangerous places. You make some disturbing discoveries.

Greg – You’re procuring some very particular items and works with some nasty characters towards a single-minded goal. Your rogue returns as a special guest star in this glimpse into future events!



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