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Pyramid Schemes – A 6th Level Paizo Pathfinder RPG Adventure

Act1: Prologue: A Noble Quest
Pt1: Mountain’s Impasse
Pt2: Entry

Act2:The Pyramid of Mirrors (First Crawl)

  • Signature Rooms or SgR (10)
  • Supply Closets or SC (7)
  • Safe Rooms or SR (4)
  • Burial Rooms or BR (9)


  • Boat
  • Cave
  • Treehouse
  • Loft
  • Hidden Home

Act4: Rock Hound’s First Adventure
Pt1:Getting There Is Half The Battle
Pt2:The Mystery of Motoshondu
Pt3:Whirl Islands
Pt4: The Island Chains (Islands 1-4)
Pt5: The Magic Islands (Island’s 5+6)
Pt6:Not Born To Be A Hero

Home Page

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